Cardinalaires perform at BPW


Photo by Tatum Wykes

Conway Springs Cardinalaires perform at the High School concert on December 13th.

Written by Samantha Buck, staff member

On Dec. 5 at 7:30 p.m., the Cardinalaires performed at the Conway Springs Methodist Church. There were nine solos, all sung by seniors: Stephanie Brozovich, Austin Doffing, Brennon Hekel, Taylor Schulte and Neal Zoglmann. 

“I really enjoyed the fact of singing a solo because it was fun,” Doffing said.

Some popular Christmas songs were sung, such as “Believe” from “Polar Express,” “Silent Night” and “Winter Wonderland.” Some of the students had mixed feelings about their performance.

“We didn’t know much of the music, and if we would have known it would have been better,” Hekel said.

Another song that was sung by the Cardinalaires was “Christmas Canon,” and freshman Caitlyn May, along with senior Amy Zoglmann, played the piano. 

“I enjoyed hearing the natural piano playing instead of just a recording where it would sound like an electric keyboard,” May said. “If I got the opportunity to do it again I would.”