BPW Concert


Photo by Christian Schulte

The Cardinalaires sing the song “Tiny Little Baby” at the BPW concert Dec. 1. This song was sung a cappella with a drum played by Isaiah Rivera.

Written by Bethany Hollis, Assistant Yearbook Editor

On Dec. 2, the Cardinalaires put on a concert for the BPW (Busy, Productive Women). This concert is different because it was held at the Methodist church instead of the school, and it is put on by just the Cardinalaires. 

The students included in this group include seniors Melainy Kennard and Hannah Zoglmann, junior Mya Scott, sophomore Levi Mies, and freshmen Anna Bender, Konner Bidwell, Jase Downey, Bethany Hollis, Isaiah Rivera and Sydney Zoglmann. The group sang four songs at the concert: “Last Christmas,” “Holiday Road,” “Tiny Little Baby (Jamaican Noel),” “Silent Night,” and “Light the Lights. 

“‘Light the Lights’ [is my favorite song] because it is really pretty, and the alto part is fun,” said Kennard.

Another song that the students said they liked is “Last Christmas,” a popular Christmas song. 

“‘Last Christmas’ is my favorite because it is a romance song,” said Bender.

For the song “Holiday Road,” the group did a dance number.

“‘Holiday Road’ [is my favorite]” said Bidwell, “because it is a classic, and we get to dance.” 

The students said they felt quite prepared for the concert.

“‘Holiday Road’ [is the one I have memorized best] because that was all we sang for a while,” said Bidwell.

The students seemed positive about the concert

“I think [the concert] is going to go pretty well,” said Bidwell.