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Potential dress code changes for next year
Potential dress code changes for next year
Written by Madison Mishler, staff member • Posted on March 30, 2023

At the request of principal Brent Harrell, nine Student Council members came together for about a month discussing dress code policies they thought should be altered. Any of the revisions to the policies would go into effect...

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Students enroll for their new classes on PowerSchool. PowerSchool shows students the classes required and the electives they are able to take.
New classes added for 2023-24
Written by Adaline Pauly, Copy Editor • Posted on March 27, 2023

With the school year coming to an end, students are busy signing up for classes to take next year. Students get the opportunity to pick from a variety of different subjects that interest them. New classes that will be available...

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Standing Features
Guess Who
Written by Atreyu Doll, staff member • Posted on March 20, 2023

Last time’s student was sophomore Isaac Winter, and the teacher was the band and vocal music teacher Stephanie Bodley. If you think you know...

Standing Features
Student Survey
Written by Atreyu Doll, staff member • Posted on March 20, 2023

  What’s your favorite animal and why?   Senior Zach Johnson: Capybara, why not?                         Junior...

Standing Features
Senior Spotlight
Written by Atreyu Doll, staff member • Posted on March 20, 2023

What are your plans for next year?   Wyatt Diggs: Go to Cowley Community College and finish my welding course                         Jose...

Useless classes may not be so useless
Useless classes may not be so useless
Written by Atreyu Doll, staff member • Posted on March 28, 2023

A number of the required classes needed to graduate high school can feel as if they are useless. I also feel this way, but I can see why they are required. When a school requires a class. it allows you to at least have an...

‘Blonde’ is beautiful
‘Blonde’ is beautiful
Written by Adaline Pauly, Copy Editor • Posted on March 8, 2023

“Blonde” is a biographical film on Netflix about the tragedies of Marilyn Monroe’s life. The movie showcases the horrors she went through as a child to the horrors she endured to become the most iconic actress in the...

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The cheerleaders pose with the kids at the end of the dance during the girls varsity game Feb. 10. The cheer clinic danced to “Sugar” by Maroon 5.
Cheerleaders host another cheer clinic
Written by Adaline Pauly, Copy Editor • Posted on February 21, 2023

On Feb. 10, during the varsity girls basketball game, the cheerleaders put on their annual cheer clinic, teaching elementary school kids cheers and a dance routine to perform in front of their community.  The...

On Dec. 16, Conway Springs hosted Remmington in a hard-fought basketball game. Junior Nash Johnsen tries to block a Remmington player from receiving the ball.
‘It hurts to win’
Written by Mya Scott, Editor-in-chief • Posted on January 27, 2023

Jan. 19 marked the beginning of the Chaparral basketball tournament. The tournament was three days long, and eight teams participated.  Playing well may not have gotten the team wins, but it did gain...

Sophomore Eli Howard watches as his shot falls to the hoop while his teammates are ready to rebound. The final score of the game was 51-26.
They shoot, they score
Posted on December 13, 2022
On Nov. 10, the cheer team performed at Wichita Heights for the Battle of the Squads. The team received a trophy for their Excellent rating.
Cheering up the squads
Posted on November 14, 2022
Senior Cheyanne Tull runs the 5k at the Clearwater cross country meet, the first meet of the year. Tull is one of the two girls the cross country team sent to state this year.
State Cross Country
Posted on November 10, 2022
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