State music held in Salina


Competitors pose in front of Kansas Wesleyan on April 29. All performances received a I or II rating.

Written by Mya Scott, Editor-in-chief

On April 29, state music was held at Kansas Wesleyan in Salina. All Cardinalaires attended the event to compete as a group. Also, eight individual vocal and instrumental solos and one small instrumental ensemble competed.

One struggle among the performers was competing in a new environment. 

“The room was too big,” freshman Konner Bidwell said. “So you kind of had to overcompensate for it by singing louder. But I mean other than that, I didn’t feel too stressed out.” 

Bidwell received a II rating on his solo. 

Some students, though, said they had some issues while performing. 

“I think if I could go back in time and fix anything, I would work harder on my dynamics,” freshman Bethany Hollis said. “ I think that might have been what really pushed it to not be a I.” 

Hollis also received a II rating on her solo. 

Most students said they would like to compete in the future, including freshman Isaiah Rivera, who received a I rating on his vocal solo. 

“[I] definitely would compete again,” he said. “It’s fun and I’m good.”