All-State Band Auditions


Photo by Adaline Pauly

In band class, freshman Erica Zoglmann practices her honor band music. Zoglmann was selected as second chair oboe.

Written by Adaline Pauly, Copy Editor


On Jan. 7, senior percussionist Caitlyn May and freshman oboist Erica Zoglmann attended the All-State Band Auditions. These auditions were held in Salina. To get into these auditions students had to previously audition and perform for the District band. Getting into the All-State Band is an opportunity to perform with new people and maybe even prepare for college band. 

“I plan to hopefully get into college with a scholarship,” said Zoglmann.  

For some students, performing in front of judges can be very nerve wracking. 

“I think I did good, but I think I could have done better,” Zoglmann said. “I think I did good because it is my first year, and I didn’t really know what to expect.” 

Some students take advantage by auditioning as many times as they can. 

“I auditioned every year except freshman year,” May said. “I think it would be really cool if I made it to state.”

For the audition process, students had to prepare a piece that was selected by the state, play a scale and sight read a piece in front of three judges. This was the first audition that had been held normally since Covid. 

Band and choir director Stephanie Bodley said auditioning for the band seems is beneficial to the students

“It gives them the opportunity to focus on some fundamentals and be part of the select ensemble,” she said. “They get to play music they would not get to play in a regular band.” 

Results were in days later, and Zoglmann ended up making the All-State Band as second chair oboe and will perform on Feb. 27 at Century II.