CPL Honor Band and Choir


Photo by Adaline Pauly

Students from the Central Plains League practice the choir pieces on stage before performing later that day. The choir practiced their song called “The Pasture.”

Written by Madison Mishler, staff member

On Jan. 14, the annual Central Plains League Honor Band and Choir was hosted at Douglass. Students didn’t have to try out for this event. They practiced the week before and the entire day of the performance. 

Four students from the choir and 11 students from band attended this event. 

“[I enjoyed] playing with a more balanced band,” senior Hayley Grimm said.  “There wasn’t just one person for each instrument.” 

 Students experienced learning different techniques. Some of these techniques, though, the students were not used to.

 “I like how they taught the music and how they tried using different methods to teach the music to everyone,” freshman Sydney Zoglmann said. 

Practicing for the majority of the day let students see how much they progressed with the music. 

  “It was fun being given a challenge and then overcoming it,” sophomore Darrek Bishop said. 

Honor band and choir allows students to experience making music in a much larger group. 

“It’s a good opportunity to get to play some pieces that we might not get to as a full group because it’s a large ensemble,” band and choir director Stephanie Bodley said. “It’s also good to get in front of a different conductor and see the different styles that they do as well.”