CPL Music Festival

Written by Madison Mishler, staff member


The CPL High School Music Festival was hosted here on March 7. Band, choir, and Cardinalaires performed in this festival. Six vocal solos, two band solos, and a woodwind trio also individually performed in front of a judge. 

The Cardinal Pride Band got a I rating. The songs the band played were “When the Stars Began to Fall” and “Escape from the Deep.”

“I feel like we did our best and we always get all I’s,” freshman percussionist Ali Potts said.  “I’m glad we got to host and play altogether as a band.”

The choir sang “900 miles” and got I rating as well. Cardinalaires scored a II rating for their song “Come to the Music.”

“It was unexpected, but it went pretty well and the lady had nice comments,” sophomore Cardinalaire Levi Mies said. “It was a pretty cool experience having it at home this time.”

 The judges left comments on the score sheet as well as recording their commentary for the groups to listen to. This allows them to go back and hear from the judges what they may need to work on before state.

“I think it went pretty good. We had good ratings overall, some good feedback and comments from the judges,” band and vocal music teacher Stephanie Bodley said. “We have some work to do before state, but that’s pretty normal.”

State band will be held at Pratt on April 20, and Regional Solos and Ensembles are April 1 at Butler Community College.