Oh, Boy!- Choir Department ‘Heirs’ Out the Concert


Photo by Cheyanne Tull

During the song ‘Great Balls of Fire’, sophomore Mya Scott points at band director Dennis Kerr to “serenade” him. Scott said he would do this the entire week of practice.

Written by Mya Scott, staff member

On Saturday, April 23, the annual spring concert was held – but with a twist. Instead of the usual Cabaret for the Cardinalaires and a separate concert for the rest of the music department, the two were conjoined into a single night. 

During more usual years, the concert is held in early May, but due to the probability of choir director Stephanie Bodley having her baby, the concert was moved to an earlier date. But, in the end, the date didn’t matter; Bodley had her baby three days before the date of the concert and band director Dennis Kerr had to take over the finalities of the concert. 

The chaos of the change of directors, although jarring, didn’t affect most students and they managed to keep their calm. 

“[I felt] pretty good. I was fine,” freshman Gabe Murphy said. “I just was calm and could take it easily because I’ve had the experience for the past few years and I’ve gotten used to it.”

Despite the calm of some students, others were feeling quite the opposite. They found ways to tone down the negative feelings. 

“I felt kinda nervous so I would take my music home after every practice to look over it,” junior Melainy Kennard said. “I accepted that not everyone showed up to practice and wouldn’t be as prepared as they should’ve been.”

Amidst all the happiness of the concert running smoothly despite the trials everyone faced, there was still a cloud of sadness hanging in the sky as the only senior, Robin Heimerman, performed her last concert. 

“It was fulfilling after all of the hard work we put into it, but at the same time it was like, ‘oh now it’s over’,” Heimerman said.