Written by Atreyu Doll, staff member

“The Evil Dead” is a movie series about Ashley Joanna Williams, otherwise known as Ash Williams, who has to fight an evil darkness summoned by a book. The book, called the Necronomicon, that he, his sister, girlfriend, and two friends found in a cabin on their weekend getaway. Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) is forced to kill his friends in an attempt to stay alive.

Throughout the night, his hand becomes possessed, and he is forced to cut it off to stop the evil infection. Ash then customizes a chainsaw to fit on his arm so he can use it as a sword. Ash uses his new chainsaw hand to cut the barrel off of a double barrel shotgun to use against the evil ‘Deadites,’ zombie-like creatures that he must kill.  

Once the sun rises, the book uses the last of its power to open a portal to the past, and the first movie ends on a cliffhanger. Then in the sequel, called “Army of Darkness,” Ash finds himself in 1300 A.D. protecting a small kingdom from an army of skeletons, the Army of Darkness, while the wise men of the kingdom create a potion from the Necronomicon that would cause him to sleep for six centuries, where he would awaken in his correct timeline.

Ash then lives his life normally working at the local market in retail. Ash one night would try to impress a girl that is into French poetry by reading from the Necronomicon, awakening the ancient evil one last time. He would go to fight the evil in a long-lasting battle. From there, the TV series picks up the storyline.

I really liked the movies and series. I liked how Ash was able to create his chainsaw hand and have his double barrel that he calls his Boomstick. I also think that Ash is cocky and has the catchphrase Groovy. I really liked “Army of Darkness,” where Ash has to protect the kingdom from an army of skeletons. I found it weird that the first two movies were the same thing. Then I found out that Sam Raimi, the director, couldn’t get the rights to his first movie so he had to recreate it. I still enjoyed both of the movies even though they were nearly a repeat. My least favorite movie is the 2013 remake where they didn’t have Ash Williams so it was more of a cheap copy rather than a remake. I would give this movie 5 out of 5 cardinal heads.