Adventure Time


Written by Atreyu Doll, staff member

“Adventure Time” is a cartoon that started on April 5, 2010, and ended on Sept. 3, 2018.  “Adventure Time” is one of my favorite cartoons because I find a lot of the humor funny to me, and I like the characters within the show. My favorite character is Finn, but Ice King is another good character because he is portrayed as the villain. He is actually a good guy and his mind has been twisted by the magic crown.  

I like how a lot of the characters’ histories tie in with each other. The magic crown that Ice King wears is a big part of the story of “Adventure Time.” The jewels within the crown have been tracked by Ice King’s friend Gunther, who is actually an ancient creature who has been on earth for a long time in search of the jewels. Gunther plans to unleash its true form and power to destroy the Land of Ooo. The Land of Ooo is what all the creatures call earth. Finn and Jake prevented him by getting their neighbor, and friend, Banana Man who built a spaceship to send them to space to stop Gunther from eating the Land of Ooo. 

Although Gunther (Orgalorg) seemed to be a bad guy, he was not the worst. The worst villain in  “Adventure Time” is the Lich. The Lich is a parasite that took over Billy, the greatest hero who ever lived. He used his body to manipulate Finn and Jake to get all of the princesses’ gems on their crowns to open The Enchiridion (the book of evil) to open a portal and make it to Prismo (a wish master) so he can wish for the end of all life. Finn and Jake stop him by wanting his wish to be changed. 

The story of “Adventure Time” does not have a main point, but is about two friends Finn and Jake having fun and going on adventures. There is a lot of the storyline you can pick up through the episodes and you can see most of the characters’ missions or adventures they are also on throughout the show.

I really like the show and would recommend it to any younger kid who likes to watch cartoons. I would give “Adventure Time” a 5/5 Cardinal Heads.