Misguided ‘M3GAN’


Written by Mya Scott, Editor-in-chief

The movie “M3GAN” became popular before it was even released into theaters due to the iconic scene from the first trailer where it showed the titular character dancing with no context. It became so popular in fact, that there was a TikTok challenge dedicated to it. 

I wanted to watch it the moment I saw the trailer, but not for the supposed “horror” that it promised. No, I wanted to watch it because of the sheer goofiness it seemed it would deliver. And I was not disappointed. There was a grandma who got power washed into a wall and M3GAN herself started singing “Titanium” by David Guetta in the most random spot. It made absolutely no sense – and I loved every second of the one hour and 42 minute film. 

Brilliant roboticist, Gemma, takes in her niece, Cady, when her sister and brother-in-law die in a car crash. Gemma is not ready to take in a child and too in love with her job, so she creates M3GAN to be her neice’s companion. M3GAN is a doll so lifelike that it appears to look and act like a real child. She learns the more she observes, and she is programmed to protect a child and become their greatest ally. But due to her rush to give her niece a friend, she forgets to give her certain guidelines, which leads to unimaginable consequences. 

When I saw this movie in theaters, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Some part of me hoped the commercials were purposefully made to look silly to draw more people in but was going to be secretly super terrifying. The other part hoped the movie would be just as goofy as it was portrayed. 

The latter part of me got what it wanted. 

It was just as weird and goofy as the multiple trailers looked like. To me, this movie does not deserve the horror label. The only real jumpscare is a dog jumping at a window. It really says something when everyone in the theater is laughing practically the entire movie. 

If you’re looking for jumpscares and a good fright, I recommend not watching this movie. But if you’re looking for a good laugh, watch this movie. You will not regret it. 

I rate this movie five out of five cardinal heads.