The NHS Hosts a Hygiene Drive


Photo by Madison Mishler

The hygiene drive items were placed on a table in the commons.

Written by Madison Mishler, staff member

Senior Melainy Kennard hosted a hygiene drive for her Honor Society service project. The Mission Mart was running low on hygiene products, which inspired Kennard to set up this drive. All donations are going to the Mission Mart to pass out to local families in need. 

The Mission Mart doesn’t just pass out food to families but also basic necessary toiletries like deodorant and toilet paper.

“[For this service project], I got in contact with the Mission Mart and they said they were low on hygiene products,” Kennard said. 

Students and faculty were encouraged to bring in money and unused toiletries to be given to the Mission Mart. 

“[So far], I’ve gotten 500 dollars donated and several other people have donated items,” Kennard said.  

Hygiene is seen as a basic necessity, so having access to toiletries is important to keep up on it.

“[This drive] will help those people who don’t have the money to afford the products,” Kennard said.  

The drive is continuing now until Feb. 3.