Santa’s Elves goes off without a hitch

Written by Lucas Schulte

Santa’s Elves has been a CSHS tradition for years. It is a project that Honor Society members do with grade schoolers, where members receive letters from the kids and return letters written by Santa’s little helpers. 

“Santa is busy, so it answers their questions,” junior Rylie Thompson said. 

Santa’s elves is an exciting project for everyone, and the high schoolers seem to enjoy it just as much as the kids.

“[I like] letting the kids get excited about Christmas,” senior Karlee Osner said.

Kindergarten through second grade write letters to Santa, and the high schoolers in charge of this project collect these letters and distribute them to members to write letters back to the students. Once all the letters are written, the people in charge take the letters back to the elementary and read them to the students and any other fun activities planned. 

This year, the ones in charge of the project were senior Stephanie Brozovich and junior Tatum Wykes.

“I do it because I enjoy seeing the kids smile and laugh,” Wykes said.