Honor Society members take a day to Stand Down


Photo by Stephanie Brozovich

Seniors Makenzie Curry and Nathan Ohl play checkers after the Stand Down was over.

Written by Natalie Drouhard, website editor-in-chief

Conway Springs Honors Society brought back a tradition of giving back to our veterans Sept. 11. After the Stand Down event was shut down a few years ago due to the sponsor retiring, members had been helping with something else, but now with a new organization putting it on, members jumped at the opportunity to be involved again. The students traveled to Hyde Park in Wichita to help with playing games, distributing clothing and handing out food.Stand Down is a day of resting and fun where homeless people and veterans can get medical testing, clothing and bikes for transportation; play games; receive haircuts, duffle bags, mental health services and information on places to stay; and eat free food.

Preparing for the event was simple on honor society’s part. Members helped bring in bikes to be given away for those in need, but other than that, they just loaded up and enjoyed the ride. Upon arriving, honor society mostly helped with setting up the games, such as checkers and bingo, while a few others helped make sure everyone got some clothes. Veterans are marked with a band on their wrist and given special privileges compared to other homeless.

Junior Kylie Ast mostly helped run the bingo and checkers while she was at Stand Down. She said it was something she hadn’t done before.

“It was definitely a different experience, that’s for sure,” she said.

Junior Reagan Ebenkamp helped with the clothes. She said her job was to make sure everyone got one outfit until everyone had had the chance to get one and afterwards help others get more.

“A lot of the veterans and homeless really liked the bingo, but not many participated in the physical activities. We’ll work on that for next year,” sponsor Louise Ronnau said.