You seem like my “type”


Written by Owen Balman, staff member

After being canceled last school year and postponed this school year, a blood drive hosted by NHS and through the American Red Cross will take place in the high school gymnasium Feb. 8. The pandemic has been the cause of a majority of events being shut down, and this one is no different. The blood drive this time around is more important than usual. Considering how people who donate blood and who have recovered from the coronavirus have built up the antibodies to fight it off more easily, their blood is more valuable than ever before to save lives. 

“I encourage students to donate blood because the information and questions asked of students when giving blood could promote healthy lifestyles, greater awareness of one’s own health, and contribute to the development of a mature, civic attitude,” honor society sponsor Louise Ronnau said. “Blood is needed for people who have cancer, anemia and other diseases, so these donations could be the difference between life and death.”

The Conway Springs Honor Society members also play a big role in hosting the event, along with assisting Red Cross workers and volunteers when setting up stations for donating blood and making sure the whole process goes as planned.

“For the blood drive this year, I’m in charge of making sure that everyone is at the right place and helping things move smoothly,” senior and vice president Natalie Drouhard said. “Because of COVID-19, this blood drive will be different and our rules keep changing on what we can and can’t do. The blood drive last year got canceled due to the quarantine, so this will be my first time working at one.”

There are still multiple open slots for people to sign up for the blood drive. Participation in the event is widely encouraged among faculty members and other avid participants that donate every year, such as athletic director Matt Biehler.

“Being a universal donor and knowing my blood can be used for someone else inspires me to donate,” Biehler said. “I would encourage students to donate by helping them understand how donating saves other people’s lives. Seeing the impact of helping others is very encouraging.”