New Teachers Take Over


Photo by Cassidy Beal

During fifth hour, audiovisual teacher Dennis Kerr helps set up for the NHS induction ceremony while Ryan King watches. King is observing so he can take over the responsibilities next year.

Written by Mya Scott, Editor-in-chief

“No one can replace Mr. Kerr,” senior Robin Heimerman said. 

Dennis Kerr, band director and audio/visual teacher, will be retiring after this year. Soon, he’ll be enjoying the Florida sun, class- and student-free. So, it’s time to set the stage for new teachers to take over, trying to fill the big shoes Kerr will leave behind. 

Stephanie Bodley is the new choir director and is also training to take over Kerr’s spot as the band director. This is her seventh year teaching. Bodley has taught a variety of classes, ranging from elementary to band to even steel drums. Bodley said one of her goals for the music classes is for students to have fun and enjoy music.

“This year is going well so far,” junior Hannah Zoglmann said. “She already does a good job with Cardinalaires, and whenever she conducts when Mr. Kerr is gone, she does a good job.” 

For Kerr’s audio and visual class, physical education teacher Ryan King is currently being trained to take over the class next year. He has been learning alongside the class. Before this class, he has had experience with sports filming and just overall life experiences with filming.

“I get to see a different side of [Kerr] in the classroom,” King said. “I’ve gotten a different perspective on teaching.”