Dancing through the night

Written by Natalie Drouhard, website editor-in-chief

After the football team’s crushing win for Homecoming, students could celebrate at the dance. With walking tacos, games, and a royalty slow dance, there was a lot to enjoy. The homecoming dance is less formal and allows everyone to be more free to dance, different from semi-formal because it provides a meal and games instead of snacks and only dancing.

“The homecoming dance was way better than middle school dances. It was less awkward and the games were fun,“ freshman Jonathan Berntsen said.

The walking tacos were a big hit. Stuco ran out in the first 45 minutes of the dance.

“I was not planning on running out so early. For the next dance we will double our amount of meat so that we can provide a meal for everyone,“ Stuco sponsor Callie Bartelson said.

During the dance, students migrated from dancing the line dances to playing games or eating food. Homecoming creates an atmosphere with more room to hang out with friends.

“Conway dances have way more people, which makes it more fun, and you feel more comfortable to dance and stuff. Bringing someone who doesn’t go here was fun, and everyone was really welcoming,” senior Taylor Schulte said.

Photo by Cassidy Beal
The Homecoming senior candidates Seth Osner, Peyton Winter, Kara Koester, Madison Pauly and Reagan Ebenkamp lead a conga line around the dance floor. “Being queen makes everyone think you’re popular and everyone wants to take pictures with you, which is kind of unnerving. It made it more fun than the previous years, though, because I got to talk to people I don’t usually,” Pauly said.