Homecoming brings on some “sweet” change


Photo by Averie Stull

During the Homecoming pep rally, the football boys show off their dance moves with the cheerleaders. This is something new the cheerleaders incorporated into the pep rally.

Written by Rosalyn Zoglmann, staff member

To start off a “sweet” year, Stuco hosted Homecoming on Oct. 8. In preparation for the event, there was a school spirit week from Oct. 4-8. This year’s slogan for homecoming was “Life is short, make it sweet.” The theme was candy, sweets, Willy Wonka, and Candy Land. 

Stuco joined forces with the middle school and elementary school, so all buildings had spirit days throughout the week. The high school days were Monday- Pajama day, Tuesday- Great Outdoors, Wednesday- Country Club vs. Western, Thursday- Frat vs. Sorority, and Friday- Red and White. More than 75 percent from each class dressed up on the first day alone, according to Stuco sponsor Callie Bartelson.

“[My favorite day was] Country Club vs. Western”, said sophomore Gabby Dalbom. “I like wearing cowboy hats and boots.” 

To get even more kids involved, the high school held their annual Red and White Olympics and window painting as part of the class competition. For the window painting, the students decorated the businesses on Main Street to advertise homecoming to the town. 

“For The Red and White Olympics, we are going to try our best to have fun and win,” said junior Wyatt Diggs.

Stuco changed the change of day for The Red and White Olympics to Thursday instead of Friday so there would be more time for the Homecoming Pep Rally in the park. The Pep Rally in the park was put on by the cheer team. There was a dance the cheerleaders performed with some of the football team, and head volleyball coach Madison Austin won a pie in the face. To end the pep rally, head football coach Matt Biehler gave a hype up speech and ripped a stuffed lark, the Sublette mascot.

“[Some new things being included were] the pie in the face, the grand finale [the ripping of Sublette’s mascot], and the boys dancing,” said senior cheerleader Emma Zoglmann. “Hopefully it will make it better.”

Another change to Homecoming this year was the ceremony. The ceremony usually takes place before the game, but it was moved to after the game. This was due to regional tennis being at the same time. 

Homecoming candidates were seniors Derek Osner with Lauren Mercer, Lance Pauly with Kenzie Wenke, Derrick Smith with Rosalyn Zoglmann, and Logan Warren with Loren May. The final score of the game was 42-0 and this year’s homecoming king and queen were Smith and May. Following the homecoming ceremony was the tailgate party where students ended the “sweet” night.