Conway Springs High School Holds Fall Class Competitions


Photo by Cassidy Beal

Juniors Lauren Mercer and Ian Solomon paint the ELP Aviation building window during the window painting. They tied with the sophomores for first place.

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

Every homecoming week, Stuco hosts class competitions. This year, there was the traditional medallion hunt, a return of the window painting, plus the addition of a volleyball tournament in place of the amazing race. 

For many students, the medallion hunt can get very heated. This year, four clues were put up before the medallion was found by senior Isaac Meyers, with the help of seniors Sadie Schmanke, Tracy Johnson, Molly Bender, and Rylie Thompson. 

“We talked sometimes during classes,” senior Sadie Schmanke said. “I (first) thought it could be in the sophomore hall.” 

The medallion was found taped under the emergency bucket in English teacher Tamara Salisbury’s room.

Two other popular class competitions were the volleyball tournament and the window painting. The volleyball tournament took place during Activity Period on Thursday and Friday of homecoming week. Teams from each class competed, and there was a lot of audience interaction. The freshmen class won in an intense final battle against the seniors. To freshman Anthony Reep, the victory was no surprise “because Nash is tall.” 

The window painting took place on Wednesday evening. Each class had the windows of a building on Main street to paint on. The juniors and sophomores tied in first place for the best window painting.

 “(The best part to me was) how we worked together and came up with a great final product,” sophomore Katelyn Koester said. “I wish someone would have gotten first and second, but I was glad we got first at least, even if it was a tie.”