Homecoming ends with kiss and crushing win


Photo by Jayden Stanley

After being crowned queen and king, seniors Madison Pauly and Philip Ast share a kiss at the Fall Homecoming Ceremony. The ceremony was held on Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m., followed by a victorious varsity game with a score 64-8.

Written by Brynn Andra, staff member

This year, Fall Homecoming was held on Oct. 4. The senior candidates for queen and king were Madison Pauly and Philip Ast, Karlee Osner and Collin Koester, Reagan Ebenkamp and Seth Osner, and Kara Koester and Peyton Winter.

“I was a little nervous for the ceremony at first because it was in front of half of the town, but I ended up just being cold the whole time,” Ebenkamp said.

The Fall Homecoming King and Queen were Ast and Pauly. They were presented their crowns by last year’s winners Aaron May and Samantha Osner. 

“The ceremony is the same every year, so I wasn’t really nervous. It was weird presenting the crowns this year though,” May said. 

After the ceremony, the Cardinals played the Independent School Panthers and won 64-8. 

“I’m glad we won, but I also wish it was a little more fair. I felt bad that the Panthers only had about 14 players on the team. Overall though, I’m just glad we won and that Phil and Madison had to kiss; we were all rooting for them,” junior Isaac Meyers said.