Fall Fest Action


Photo by Faith Rivera

The high school brass section stands on stage while performing their music directed by Stephanie Bodley. The band played several songs, ending with “Hail Conway.”

Written by Kadence Kreuzburg, staff member

During Fall Fest Sept. 24, there were a lot of activities going on for students in band, cheer, dance, and more. For the band, music director Stephanie Bodley said she thought that the parade sounded great with the middle school and high school band together. 

“It’s always a performance that I look forward to,” she said.

This year the brass section of the high school band group was on stage. Freshman Konner Bidwell was one of the students who played on the stage.

“This is going to sound a little cringey, but, it’s like the brass section is a little family,” he said. “Then when we play a part, and when it actually sounds good, you know that’s sweet, and when it doesn’t sound like absolute dog. When it all comes together it all sounds so bussin’ bussin’. That is a feeling that is equally bussin’ bussin’.”

However, for the dance team, despite the disruption of losing the sponsor the week before, they were well organized with what little time they had. Senior Caitlyn May and junior Kirsten Whitney took over, with them being the team captains, but they said it was mainly a team effort to get the dances in order in such a short amount of time. They had two sponsors, though, for the last few days of practice.

“So, we had two practices to get that dance, and it was a little rough, just because the memorization was kind of hard, but I think we pulled it off,” Whitney said.