Conway’s First Pride Festival


Photo by Kira Forrest

Attendees at the Pride Festival work on colorful tie-dye shirts. The event and all of the activities were sponsored by Conway Loves.

Written by Mya Scott, Editor-in-chief

On Sept. 25, Conway Loves held the first Pride Festival in the City Park from 1-4 p.m. Volunteers handed out miniature rainbow pride flags, rainbow bandanas, pride-themed temporary tattoos and a multitude of other pride-themed objects. There were activities such as tie-dye, sidewalk chalk, and face paint. At least 50 people attended the event, adults and students alike. 

“I feel like it went well because of how many people showed up and how many people helped with it,” said freshman Jan Stuhlsatz. ”It incorporated everyone.” 

Stuhlsatz also commented on future pride events that could potentially happen. 

“I would (go to another pride event) because the first one was successful,” she said. “The more we have, the more successful it would be in the future.”

Despite the success of the event, there were some concerns about safety during the event.

“(I was concerned) because what if there had been homophobic people who were bullies. (I) felt safer with the cop, and he seemed nice,” said sophomore Riley Johnsen.

But despite a police officer standing guard, there were still some issues that happened after the event.

“(People) were harassing my sister,” said junior Makayla Potts. 

And even weeks after the event transpired, there was still some backlash to the people who attended the event.

“Three of my pride flags have been stolen,” said sophomore Reigna Harbinson. “Two while I was at work and one at the high school. I felt mad because I bought them with my own money except for the mini ones, which I got from the Pride Festival. It is unfair because other people can have their political views on their truck, but I can’t have a rainbow.”

Principal Brent Harrell said administration is looking into the thefts of the flags, but he said could not comment since it is an ongoing investigation.