Cram the Van

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Cram the Van

Written by Tatum Wykes, photo editor

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This year’s Cram the Van goal was 4,500 in items and money combined. The district did not meet the goal, with a total of 2,648, but the community as a whole raised 4,772. Out of that 4,772 items,1,335 were canned goods and $1,718.68 was donated in cash, counting as two items per dollar.

Senior Travis Willson said he thinks Cram the Van benefits both those who receive the donated items and those who donate.

“It is to help the less fortunate families that have a hard time providing,” he said. “I believe it helps people commit and build character.”

Willson said that participation has been lower during the past two years as the school has not been competing against another school.

“It really does put a damper on the spirit; it doesn’t seem like the students care to donate like they used to,” he said.

Cram the Van has been done at Conway Spring since 2012. Senior Audrey Doffing said she also thought having another town to compete against is beneficial.

“It helps people who can’t eat, and I feel we should have competition because it helps more communities get involved,” she said.

The juniors class raised a total of 209 items.

“Our class did pretty good, and next year we should set up a booth at Fall Fest to raise money,” junior class president Karlee Osner said.