Video Production Class Heads to Kansas State Fair

Written by Annette Berntsen, copy editor

The Kansas State Fair is an annual event for people from across the state  to enjoy. Not only does the fair attract those looking for some fun, it also brings some competitors around. The video production class was brought to the fairgrounds to film the event for a video production competition.

In order to prepare for this event, the group gathered up their laptops, video cameras, and microphones and watched videos of previous winners for ideas. When they arrived at the fairgrounds, they drew topics for their interviews and planned out their day according to the topics. This year, their interviews were about a high school debate team, Alex Moser, and Dr. Goddard.

The trip was more of a lighthearted, easy-going event, with plenty of time for the students to enjoy the fair while also learning how to film. Not only did they walk around and film; they also got to speak to interesting individuals such as Alex Moser. Moser travels the world shearing sheep, and demonstrated to the students on the process with the assistance of senior Caden Runnalls.

“It was pretty easy,” Runnalls said, “but once you got your hand underneath the layer of wool it got a little toasty.”

Spice stand owner Chilli Moreno, another booth worker the group got to talk to, was one of the highlights of the event, and he showed the group his accomplishments and passion for spices.

Overall, junior Gavin Beesley said it was an interesting experience for the group. They got to film and learn more about the world around them without the classroom environment.

“It was great going from the school world to the real world”, he said.

Results of the competition have not yet come in, but members of the crew said they are confident in their work.

“I think we did pretty well this year,” senior Brady Beal said, “especially since this is only our second year doing it.”