State Journalism Celebration at KU


Photo by Tamara Salisbury

KSPA president Eric Thomas announces the winners of 1A/2A Yearbook Copywriting. Five student journalists from Student Publications went to the State Journalism Celebration at KU May 6. Senior Faith Stuhlsatz placed first in Yearbook Copywriting.

Written by Madison Mishler, staff member

Co-written by Atreyu Doll. 


On May 6, Kansas Scholastic Press Association held a celebration for students who entered a piece into State Journalism. Seven Student Publication students sent in entries to state and five of them placed. The five who placed – in 12 of 14 entries – attended the celebration at KU.

“I was kind of sad over [my] editorial because I figured I’d place a little bit higher because I kind of slayed on the last paragraph,” junior and website editor-in-chief Mya Scott said. “For my review, I was extra shocked because I was convinced I was not placing because it was terrible, but apparently it wasn’t terrible.”

Scott placed first in Review Writing and third in both Editorial Writing and Headline Writing and Design. Senior and design editor Faith Stuhlsatz took first in Yearbook copywriting, third in News Writing, and fourth in Infographic Design.

“I was a little disappointed in my place,” Stuhlsatz said, “but I was very surprised that I placed in my writing.”

Sophomore and copy editor Addie Pauly placed second in the News Writing contest. 

“I thought [the celebration] was cool, and I enjoyed  going to it,” Pauly said. “I was shocked because I didn’t think that I was going to place that high. I thought it was going to be much lower.” 

Junior and assistant yearbook editor Janel Meyer placed first in Feature Writing and sixth in Cutline Writing. Senior and yearbook editor-in-chief Cheyanne Tull took second in Editorial Cartoon, third in Yearbook Design, and Yearbook Copywriting.