The dance team grows after tryouts


Photo by Tatum Wykes

The dance team performs on the football field in September. This dance was to “Shake It Off.”

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

Last week, tryouts for dance were held on Friday, March 26. The girls trying out started practicing on the previous Monday, and worked many hours throughout the week to get their auditions perfected. 

“They [tryouts] were actually pretty good,” sophomore Caitlyn May said. “It went a lot better than last year cause we had to do it over video.”

Along with the girls who have already been on the dance team in past years, there were some newcomers trying out for the first time. The older girls were encouraging and helpful to the new girls.

“They’re pretty good,” junior Kenzie Wenke said. “They just need more technique and practice.”

The dance team has been a safe place for many, with friendships being made and growing stronger in the group.

“Everyone on the team is really supportive,” freshman Natalie Doffing said. “I’m looking forward to going to camp this year.”

After tryouts, as the younger girls and upperclassmen alike waited in anticipation, the results were released and everybody who tried out made it onto the team.

“I think they [the new girls] will do really good. They caught onto things pretty quickly,” May said.