2021-2022 Cheer Team


Written by Tatum Wykes, photo editor

With the end of basketball season, cheer tryouts began. Cheer tryouts were held March 8-12. This year is different from past years because of the material taught, practice schedule, and expectations. Cheer coach Emily Yoder chose to find two more advanced cheers and a brand new 8 count to the song 7 Nation Army, that will be incorporated into future games. To prepare the girls more, three practices were held along with an open gym. 

“I heightened the expectations for this process,” Mrs. Yoder said. “I expect those on the team to work hard, be respectful, give it their all, and be good examples.” 

The days leading up to tryouts, Mrs. Yoder had to choreograph the 8-count, pick out two cheers and make a scoresheet for the judges to use. Once all the content was memorized, the team began practices. They began by warming up, stretching, and then starting to learn the first cheer. After the girls trying out learned the first cheer, they moved onto the 8-count and the second cheer. This was all taught to the girls in the span of three days. The open gym was not run by Mrs. Yoder, but was a chance for the girls to come in and work on what they felt needed work and get any feedback they needed from the coach. 

“I was nervous because it was difficult,” senior Ally Lange said. “But once I got it down I felt better. Open gym helped a lot, because I was able to work on my kicks and the 8 count.” 

Only 8 out of the 9 girls made the team. The girls were evaluated on their facial expressions, spirit, sharpness, and energy. The results were posted March 12 the evening after tryouts. 

“I tried out this year because it’s my senior year and I don’t wanna regret anything after I graduate,” junior Rosalyn Zoglmann said. “I felt pretty good about tryouts; I just had to keep practicing.” 


2021-2022 cheer team:

Seniors: Cassidy Beal, Ally Lange, Emma Zoglmann and Rosalyn Zoglmann

Juniors: Hannah Zoglmann

Sophomores: Grace Bender and Julia Zoglmann

Freshmen: Jane Stuhlsatz