Scholars’ Bowl COVID Style

Written by Tatum Wykes, photo editor

One of the biggest challenges for the Scholars Bowl team is trying to adjust to virtual meets. Students have to use a buzz system using their own devices that hook up to the main program.  Everyone stays at their own schools and uses either Zoom or Google Meet to compete. Though the meet is online, they can still see the other team and the moderator, and some of the strategy remained the same. 

“In Scholars’ Bowl, it’s better to just send it rather than regret that you didn’t answer because you doubted yourself,” senior Lucy Boyles said. “I really enjoy Scholar’s bowl because it’s fun, competitive, and I learn a lot of interesting things.”

Scholars Bowl has had a total of three meets: one virtually hosted by Wichita Trinity on Oct. 19 for varsity, one virtually hosted by Mulvane on Nov. 2 for the novice team, and  one in-person at Bishop Carroll on Nov. 11. Students were scheduled to virtually attend a varsity meet at Clearwater on Dec.1 and host  a novice meet on Dec. 3 in person, but both of these were postponed to a date later in the year. 

At in-person meets, students must wear masks, have their temperatures checked before entering, constantly use hand sanitizer and have to wait to enter a competition room until it has been fully sanitized. 

“We haven’t placed in the top four at any of these meets, but we have gained from experience,” Scholars Bowl sponsor Kristy Martin said. “Because of the uncertainty, there are much fewer meets this year than other years.”

This season’s team members on varsity are seniors Owen Balman, Sydney Boese, Lucy Boyles, Marques Coursey, Isaac Meyers, and Rylie Thompson. On the novice team is sophomore Cheyanne Tull and freshmen Natalie Doffing, Eden Hesse, Riley Johnsen, CJ Round, Amelia Schmanke and Mya Scott. 

“This Scholars’ Bowl season has been pretty good so far,” Tull said. “We haven’t had much competition due to COVID, but I do enjoy it.”

During a Scholars’ Bowl Meet, seniors Owen Balman, Sydney Boese, Lucy Boyles and Sadie Schmanke and freshman Riley Johnsen discuss while competing against Wichita Trinity. “I’ve been enjoying the season so far,” Mya Scott said, “I enjoy Scholars Bowl because I like hanging out with my friends and memorizing random facts.” (Photo by Kristy Martin)