New art teacher provides a comfortable space for her students


Photo by Averie Stull

Art teacher Haley Hendrickson helps junior Robin Heimerman on her art project. Heimerman was making 3D letters with cardboard and paper mache.

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

In new art teacher Haley Hendrickson’s classroom, the overhead lights are shut off, and small lamps around the room along with the big windows provide soft lighting to set a calm mood. 

Over the past four years, Conway Springs has had three different art teachers. This year, Mrs. Hendrickson joined the staff.

 “I felt like Conway Springs chose me,” she said. “I prayed for the right place and they interviewed me and it felt right.”

Mrs. Hendrickson mentioned she wants to be an art therapist in the future. 

“I love art,” she said. “It helps me stay sane and express myself fully, and I love kids, people in general.”

Students in her class seem to enjoy her and the class.

 “It’s a great environment,” said junior Robin Heimerman. “Mrs. Hendrickson is easygoing and works with you to the best of her abilities.” 

Another way Mrs. Hendrickson adds to the relaxing mood is by playing music every day and engaging in helpful conversations with her students.

Mrs. Hendrickson also enjoys the company of her students and is eager to teach them.

“(My favorite part about teaching is) the students. Everybody’s really respectful (and) kind,” Mrs. Hendrickson said.