Butler Interviews


Written by Tatum Wykes, photo editor

On Feb. 8, a group of seniors traveled to Butler Community College to interview for scholarships. Seniors went to interview for everything from journalism to vocal music. Many learned about these interviews because they were displayed along the hallways in the high school. To get involved, all they had to do was fill out an application form and bring the required information, which was sample writings, photos or audition pieces. 

“All I had to do was fill out an application and some forms and wait a week before the interview to find out what time to be there,” Austin Doffing said. 

During the interviews, they got to speak with a professor one-on-one or in a group.

“My favorite part of the interviews was how relaxed it was,” Wyatt Schulte said. 

 Schulte plans to attend Butler for sports media and box office. He said he would like to attend Butler because they have amazing scholarships, and going to a junior college is cheaper. Schulte plans to go through with the two years and transfer for computer science. Jayden Stanley also plans to attend Butler for their magazine and sports media.

“I was really nervous going in because last year when I interviewed I failed, but it made it better as we interviewed as a group,” Stanley said. 

  Doffing plans to go for vocal music and mass communications. He said he feels confident about the interviews. Doffing’s favorite part was talking to the professor, and even though he denied having any connection to audiovisual Dennis Kerr, the professor said he really enjoys our work and what we do here.