They shoot, they score


Photo by Faith Rivera

Sophomore Eli Howard watches as his shot falls to the hoop while his teammates are ready to rebound. The final score of the game was 51-26.

Written by Mya Scott, Editor-in-chief

Dec. 2, a game against long-time rivals Medicine Lodge jump started the basketball season. After two hard fought battles with fouls to spare, both cardinal teams came out on top. The girls ended their game with a score of 43-35, and the boys ended with 51-26. 

Compared to previous seasons, some players said they feel this year, attitudes are better. 

“[The atmosphere] is a lot better this year,” junior Olivia Lange said. “I think we work really well together.” 

Besides attitude, there are other things that the team members said they have improved upon. 

“This year we’re good at passing the ball,” junior Haylee Osner said, “and not just relying on yourself to make points.” 

Other players said they felt their team still had some work to do. 

“We’re a young team,” junior Nash Johnsen said. “We need to talk more, but our atmosphere is good mostly.”