OWLS for the Cardinals


Photo by Courtesy Photo

The full plan for Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site includes many features. These include a water feature, walking path, and an amphitheater.

Written by Madison Mishler, staff member

Science teacher Chris Bellar is head of a new addition to the school property this year called OWLS. OWLS stands for Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site. Bellar said the goal is for students to have some of their education outside. 

An area south of the parking lot is going to be converted to hold the site. Features such as a native prairie, native trees, and a water feature are planned to be added. 

So far Bellar has worked on planning, including organizing a committee, setting a time schedule and planning the site. He said there is about $5,000 raised for the project. It’s set to possibly start with planting happening this fall. 

“I want classes to be able to utilize the spaces outside,” senior and committee member Hannah Zoglmann said. “Not just the science classes: it should be something all of the classes can use.”

Other high school students on the committee include senior Cheyanne Tull and junior Janel Meyer.

“I thought it would add something new to the school, and I think we need more activities in the school besides sports,” Meyer said. 

Bellar said he hopes students enjoy the site but also learn important information from it.

“I think students like to do hands-on activities,” he said. “Conservation and improving our environment is important for our survival and a healthy planet.”