Getting Back on Track after Winter Break


Photo by Janel Meyer

Sophomore students stay busy in English class by working on their poems. This is a “Where I’m from” poem that describes how they became the person they are today.

Written by Janel Meyer, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief

For most students, going back to school after winter break can be a challenge. After the long winter break it can be hard to get back into the daily routine of school. Students have different ways to stay motivated and energized throughout the second semester. Spring break is the one of the biggest events in the second semester that students look forward to. Other main events include continuing basketball season, Scholars Bowl meets, State Band, and the track season starting.

“I am looking forward to graduation, so I can leave school,” said senior Jaden Meyer.

There are many small habits that can add up and be beneficial to staying on track. Habits that can help include staying organized, not procrastinating, and keeping up with all the small tasks throughout the week. 

“I feel optimistic about the second semester,” said sophomore Natalie Doffing. “I am going to try to study so I get better grades.” 

Other things that can help students stay energized that they may not think about is getting enough sleep, staying active in the winter, and drinking enough water.

“I’m already tired starting the second semester, and I’m ready for summer,” said sophomore Nash Johnsen.