Students attend the Futures Fair


Photo by Kristy Martin (contributed)

Seniors Lance Pauly, Logan Warren, and Derrick Smith and junior Zane Zoglmann talk to a representative. The Futures Fair was held at WSU on Oct. 12.

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

On Oct. 12, juniors and seniors that signed up all loaded onto a bus and went to the Futures Fair at WSU. The event had representatives come from all over the state and set up a table for their college or program at the university. Attending students could learn about options they are interested in and could talk to people from the program about whatever they needed to know.

“It was very interesting to talk to many different colleges,” senior Monica Willson said. “I learned the cost of colleges and scholarships.”

Students had an hour and a half to talk to whichever tables they wanted. Most had pamphlets and posters showcasing what programs and classes they offered and tuition fees.

“I liked communicating with colleges,” junior Makayla Potts said. “WSU Tech interested me.”

The many students attending the event found out useful information for their futures. There was a diversity of options like universities, community colleges, tech schools, and the military.

“I’d recommend it to other people because it’s a very fun and educational experience that everyone should have,” Emma Zoglmann said.