Journalism goes to State


Photo by Cassidy Beal

Before Regional competition, junior Averie Stull serves herself dessert. Students got together for lunch before working on their contest material. “State didn’t really feel any different from Regionals,” Stull said.

Written by Natalie Drouhard, website editor-in-chief

In past years, those who qualified for the State Journalism Contest through Regionals would travel to the University of Kansas’s campus to compete, usually at the beginning of May. This year, the competition was online and prompts were released Friday, April 16, and the completed contests were due Monday, April 19. With Prom taking place on April 17, some Conway Springs qualifiers decided to not compete in all of their categories. 

“Really the main reason was because of the busy weekend with Prom and homework,” said senior Owen Balman. “I was in a crunch for time so I chose to compete in my stronger category of Copy Editing.”

Having the competition online came with several challenges, like students having to manage their time and having less interaction with the other competitors. 

“We miss out on the experience of interacting with the other students and learning their techniques and stuff,” said senior Tatum Wykes. “I feel more relaxed not sitting around the people I’m competing against. Personally, I think I do better with less pressure.”

Wykes competed in Cutline Writing and Sports Photography. Students had less pressure competing online and a different vibe because of having to submit their entries themselves. 

“It was an interesting competition online instead of in person even though I haven’t competed in person for this before,” junior Averie Stull said. “It didn’t feel like a competition; it kinda felt like I was just doing an assignment with less pressure and turning it all in myself.”