A Season Undecided


Photo by Abby Botkin

At the first home game, Cardinals vs the Knights, junior Cole Schulte kicks off the football to start the game. “I feel this season we will kick more PATs (points after touchdown) and our special teams will be more consistent,” said junior and varsity kicker Cole Schulte.

Written by Tatum Wykes, photo editor

The varsity football team started their season off going 2-1. The Cardinals went up against the Trinity Knights, Cheney Cardinals, and the Kingman Eagles going for a win, loss, win. 

“I feel that we started off good, then when we lost to Cheney it was a turning point to know what we need to do and what it takes to win. As in other years we haven’t lost till the last game,” said senior Collin Koester. 

They gained a big win against Trinity, 49-6, but a devastating loss against the Cheney Cardinals 49-19. This is Cheney’s first big win against the Cardinals in the last 5 years according to The Wichita Eagle. On Friday 19 Cardinals had a fight to the end with the Kingman Eagles going 31-10, giving the Cardinals another win. 

“Nothing has changed from our loss to Cheney, we just keep on our same process, we just lost to a good team,” said head coach Matt Biehler

The Cardinals suffer a big loss due to not having players of considerable size to block and protect the quarterback, as well as only having 32 students go out for the season. Out of those 32 students only 13 of them are seniors. From an injury in the first game Peyton Winter has not been able to participate in this season so far. As well as Dawson Martin who has a concussion from the first half of the Cheney game.