Juniors participate in first-ever Mexican food fundraiser


Written by Annette Berntsen, copy editor

The junior class is currently holding a fundraiser to pay expenses for the upcoming Junior/Senior Prom. This fundraiser is a first, with the juniors selling tacos and enchiladas provided by Fabiola’s Mexican restaurant.

There were a few mixed opinions about the fundraiser. Some students thought that the fundraiser wouldn’t be as successful as others.

“Compared to the magazine sales, this one won’t do as well because people won’t want frozen Mexican food,” Luke Bellar said. “There are less options so it only applies to a select few.”

Others thought it would have the same effect as previous fundraisers.

“I feel like it’ll be pretty successful,” Reagan Ebenkamp said. “People like enchiladas and tacos.”

This fundraiser doesn’t have as many options as the past ones. There are only three choices: beef tacos, cheese enchiladas (with or without onions), and beef enchiladas. Although this limit may seem too little for such a big project, students still have goals to sell at least one or two items to finish paying off their Prom fees. Selling difficulty compared to magazines ranges from about the same to easier.

“It would be about the same,” Rachel Ward said. “Not many people read magazines anymore, and some don’t like Mexican food.”

Although the students have mixed views about the fundraiser, they are still selling items until Wednesday, Nov. 14. If you would like to help support the 2019 Junior/Senior Prom, talk to any junior. Items will be delivered on Monday, Nov. 26 after school.