ACT prep workshop

Written by Jade Leslie, staff member

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The ACT prep workshop was held on Oct. 18 from 8 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. in the high school in room 142. The workshop offered many techniques needed to take the ACT. The class doesn’t tell you how to ace the ACT, but it gives you the material you will need to know to get through it easier.

This is the second year for the ACT prep workshop.

“I took it last year so I could try to get better knowledge,” senior Rachel Stuhlsatz said. “It gave me many good strategies to use during the ACT.”

Power Prep originally charged $45 per person to take it but, counselor Louise Ronnau and librarian Callie Bartelson applied for a grant so they could pay $35, leaving the students to only have to pay $10.

“I am taking it this year because my parents thought it would be good to prepare me for the ACT,” sophomore Sydney Boese said.

Freshman Emma Zoglmann also said she thought the workshop would help her be more prepared for the test.  

“I am taking it because I want to see how I can improve my score once I take it,” she said. “I think it will help me be better prepared for the ACT too.”

Photo by Stephanie Brozivich
Students learn about the ACT from Caroline Devane.