Starting the school year off with the fall play


Photo by Natalie Drouhard

Last year’s senior Brynn Andra, junior Averie Stull, senior Molly Bender, and sophomore Caitlyn May act out in the spring 2021 play “The Boardinghouse,” with 10 cast members. Fall plays are typically shorter and have a smaller cast than the spring plays.

Written by Averie Stull, editor in chief

Last week on Wednesday and Thursday, drama production manager Tamara Salisbury and director Kacy Chamberlain held auditions for this school year’s fall play. The name of the play is “Let Him Sleep Till It’s Time for His Funeral”, and it has six cast members. The auditions sign up sheet was posted outside of Salisbury’s door for a couple weeks before auditions, leaving time for anyone interested to sign up.

Along with the returning actors, several new freshmen auditioned for the play. 

“I really like dealing in creative arts like art, drama, music,” freshman Faith Rivera said, “and it’s my first time trying out a play ever so I’ll try out something new.” 

This was most freshmen’s first time trying out for a play, and some were nervous when auditioning.

“It was scary at first, but as soon as I read the lines and started acting as the character, the fear dissipated,” freshman Ayden Simmons said.

Finally after two days of tryouts, at the end of the school day on Friday, the cast list was posted outside of the office. Starring in this year’s fall play is freshmen Faith Rivera and Atreyu Doll, sophomores Mya Scott and Riley Johnsen, junior Caitlyn May, and senior Averie Stull.

“I like [being in the plays] because I’m able to express a different part of me,” May said. 

This is her third time being in a play.