That’s ‘Snow’ Biz


Photo by Hayley Grimm

Written by Owen Balman

The term “quarantine” has been given a bad rap due to the coronavirus pandemic and people having to stay home to recover from it, but now students are having to quarantine due to inclement, wintery weather conditions. An abundance of snow, icy roads and sub-zero wind chills caused school to be cancelled Feb. 8, 9 and 17, so students had to sign into their classes online from home Feb. 10, 11 and 16. 

A survey was sent out to all CSHS students to see what they have been doing with their free time while the cold weather keeps them indoors.

During remote learning, I’ve been watching YouTube and TikTok and listening to music,” freshman Mya Scott said. “On occasion I read when the screens became too much. On the last day of remote learning, me and friends created slideshows on random things to present to each other for fun.”

Normally, students would take advantage of a snow day and bundle up to go outside and play in it. But with the weather being much colder than it usually is most students stayed in their homes and watched shows to pass the time, according to the survey.

“I’ve just been chilling with the days we’ve had off. When I don’t have homework, I play video games or watch some shows,” senior Joshwa Bidwell said. “I watched a lot of Criminal Minds and Shameless.”

With the remaining days of winter that are left, students and teachers are left with a shiver down their spines awaiting the next cold day.

“In my free time, I worried about what students did with their own free time during remote learning,” said principal Brent Harrell. “When I had free time, I watched a documentary called ‘Framing Britney Spears.’”