A new meaning to our “Soul”

Written by Natalie Drouhard, website editor-in-chief

Pixar Animation has produced another children’s movie called “Soul”. “Soul” tells the story of a human’s soul who has died and wants to get back to Earth, Joe Gardner, and a new soul who has been avoiding Earth for thousands of years, 22. Throughout the story, Joe relives his life and comes to believe he died right before he fulfilled his reason to live, and 22 decides to help him get back to Earth. 

Their plan includes soul pirate witch doctors who help lost souls, a cat, and a barber. This story takes the viewers on a ride of laughter and sadness as the meaning of life is explained. For young children, this story is visually interesting and funny to capture their attention. Older viewers will enjoy many cultural subjects and side notes to enhance the story’s humor. 

“Soul” is targeted at children, but teens and adults will get more of the true meaning. Joe and 22’s story focuses on the meaning of life, what’s worth living for, and a soul’s purpose. This can be above a lot of children’s heads and can make it boring for them, but Pixar does a great job of using language that anyone can understand, even if they don’t understand the extra meaning. The movie will make you contemplate your life and how you are living. It teaches you to enjoy the small things, the everyday life experiences that will make you happier if you appreciate them. “Soul” puts emphasis on the things we take for granted every day, such as eating our favorite food, listening to music, having interesting conversations, making people laugh, and family. 

Overall, I enjoyed this movie and give it 4 out of 5 cardinal heads.