Plans change for 2020 Prom


Photo by Lexi Fisher

At the 2019 After Prom, juniors Amy Zoglmann and Dawson Martin ride tricycles for a game. Last year’s After Prom was held at the high school with various activities put together by the Project Prom committee.

Written by Stephanie Brozovich, editor-in-chief

As the world experiences a global pandemic, many changes were made to daily lives. For students, this included the cancelation of school for the rest of the spring semester, along with all spring events. One of the major events canceled was the 2020 Prom. It was originally scheduled for April 18, with an Arabian theme. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the event was canceled.

“I’m okay with it,” senior Seth Osner said. “I get to make money and play video games.”

With prom being canceled, the question arises of what the plans will be for after-prom. The original plans for after-prom this year included going to the YMCA and proceeding as normal. All the events and planning is done by parents on the Project Prom Committee, including the scheduling and financing of the event.

After the event was canceled, the committee worked hard on planning what to do next. The board still intends to plan an event for the upperclassmen to attend as they had already received donations and purchased prizes. The YMCA has also helped out by refunding their money.

“I would be excited if it got rescheduled,” junior Lucy Boyles said. “I was excited to go to the YMCA, and I was really looking forward to the activities, prizes and food.” 

As plans are remade, the committee still is faced with uncertainty as they accommodate the governor’s orders. They are working on a date to set as soon as possible, depending on what the expectations and restrictions will look like later. The committee’s ultimate goal is to have the Prom Preview, a dance and dinner and the fun activities and prizes.

  “The juniors and seniors deserve a night of memories and our goal is to try to make that happen,” Project Prom president Melissa Winter said.