Dance team chosen for new school year


Photo by Stephanie Brozovich

During halftime of the boys basketball game against Douglass, freshman Ava Schulte performs with the dance team. Schulte was one of the returning members of the dance team, along with several others.

Written by Annette Berntsen, copy editor

Although there have been several changes to the rest of the school year due to the outbreak of COVID-19, preparations for next year are still under way. One such preparation is getting together next year’s dance team. Dance tryouts took place from March 30 to April 2, but due to COVID-19, all tryouts had to be done virtually. 

Those who tried out were given a time frame from Monday to Thursday to send in a video that filled the requirements. These requirements consisted of two turns and two jumps, both of the participant’s choosing, a toe touch, hitch kicks on both the left and right side, the given routine with an additional eight-count composed by the participant, a kick series and a split held for five to seven seconds. Participants were required to send the videos in by 5 p.m. on Thursday. 

“I didn’t like this because I personally felt it was harder on us, because doing it in person, they can’t keep having you redo something, but since it was on a video they could watch it over and over if they’d like to,” junior Karlie Biehler said. 

Returning dance team members include Biehler and fellow junior Lizzy Curry; sophomores Cassidy Beal and Kenzie Wenke; and freshmen Sammy Holmes, Caitlyn May and Ava Schulte. 

“I was very excited and relieved that I made it,” Holmes said. “I did dance last year, and it was really fun. It is a great way to get to know people and to be a part of something.”

There were also several newcomers: junior JoEllen Reep and eighth-graders Jewelianne Allmond, Natalie Doffing, Haylee Osner and Kirsten Whitney. 

“[When I got the results, I was] very happy and excited,” Doffing said.

Although it has been a confusing and difficult tryout process, several members are already excited for the coming year. 

“I am just excited to be on a team with these amazing girls and dancers,” Reep said. “I’m also super excited for football season.”