Annual Kickball Is No More

Written by Natalie Drouhard, design editor

For the past 18 years, Stuco has put on a kickball tournament in the spring. Due to the past few years of repetitive inappropriate behavior by students, especially last year’s, administration has decided this tradition needs to stop. Although Stuco still puts on ice skating in March, students are looking for another spring activity. 

“Kickball was simple and little work for Stuco as it had been perfected over the years to become what it was,” senior and Stuco President Neal Zoglmann said. “Every year the board has to reapprove everything, but this year administration told us kickball wasn’t happening before we could vote on it. Right now we are looking at doing a St. Patrick’s day class competition, and an outdoor movie night as replacement.”

Spring activities are always fun to have outside because of the weather, but at the same time the weather poses a problem. With kickball, it was an issue to schedule it on a day when there weren’t storms and avoid playing in the mud and destroying the fields. With the outdoor movie night, the weather will be another factor to take into consideration as Stuco moves past ice skating and seriously starts planning for the replacement. 

“Kickball was a fundraiser for Stuco that brought in about $200 every year,” Stuco sponsor Callie Bartelson said. “Without that, our only other fundraiser at the end of the year will be working the Middle School League Music concessions stand. The movie night hasn’t been approved yet by Stuco or administration.” 

The kickball tournament is something a lot of kids look forward to, especially those who have teams rooted in their families. Most students do understand why it was canceled and are looking forward to an alternative. 

“It really sucks because you look forward to it all year,” senior and athletic rep Dawson Martin said. “I don’t think a lot of seniors will be involved in any new activity, but I don’t think there’s anything Stuco could do to change that. In Stuco we just are going with the flow as the year comes to a close while trying to keep as many people happy as possible.” 

Photo by Lexi Fisher
During last year’s Kickball Tournament, freshman Derek Osner prepares to catch the ball to get out junior Cody Jones.