Regional Tennis at Conway


Senior Bradyn Stevens serves the ball to his opponents May 5 at Regional Tennis. Stevens played doubles with sophomore Layne Whitney.

Written by Adaline Pauly, Copy Editor

On May 4 and 5, the tennis team competed at Conway Springs at Regional Tennis. The weather was a bit drizzly out, but the five of the six boys pulled through to advance to State. 

Sophomore Levi Mies played doubles with sophomore Isaac Winter.

“We played pretty good,” Mies said. “We played one of our best matches we have ever played, and we placed where we were supposed to.”

Mies and Winter placed fifth overall. 

Some players experienced a few challenges, including the wind. 

“[One challenge was] getting my serves in,” senior Bradyn Stevens said. 

Stevens played doubles with sophomore Layne Whitney. The pair placed sixth overall. 

Another challenge that faced the players was partner work. 

“[A challenge was] agreeing with my partner,” Mies said. “We finally agreed and then did what we were supposed to do.” 

Freshman Eli Benge placed sixth overall in singles. He said he had some strategies to get there. 

“[I tried to] hit more balls than they do, and be more consistent,” Benge said. 

Mies and Winter, Stevens and Whitney, and Benge will be competing at state tennis on May 12-13 in Riverside Park, Wichita.