Useless classes may not be so useless


Written by Atreyu Doll, staff member

A number of the required classes needed to graduate high school can feel as if they are useless. I also feel this way, but I can see why they are required. When a school requires a class. it allows you to at least have an idea of how to use that subject in the real world. 

Many teens already have an idea of what they want to do when they grow up and go into the workforce. They think that math, science or English won’t help them get into that job; however, that may not be the case. Business teacher Madison Austin has an example of a student who didn’t think he needed her class. But for his job interview, he used his resume and his cover letter from her class.

Something kids may not realize is that you don’t always stay on the same path, and you may change to a different job that did require the skill you thought was useless. School also gives you various different electives which choose classes that allow you to get a headstart on the job you want to do, like woodshop, welding, cooking, and many others. These electives let kids who think they want a certain career path see how it may work, and they may change their plans to a job that might require a class they think is useless, proving it wasn’t so useless after all.