Mr. Coopers bees-ness


Photo by Zach Cooper (contributed photo)

Industrial arts teacher Zach Cooper gathers a swarm of bees in a tree. Cooper has been beekeeping for a year.

Written by Atreyu Doll, staff member

In March 2022, industrial arts teacher Zach Cooper started his hobby of beekeeping. Cooper wanted to start beekeeping because he was interested in the history, the impact they have, and their dedication to their hive and queen, and he also wanted to help with the population and use them for his classes. 

Over time, Cooper said he plans to expand his beehives greatly.

“I have 14 beehives with plans to get up to 40,” he said. 

Cooper takes care of his beehives by himself but is open to helpers. He said he enjoys all aspects but has one favorite part of beekeeping.

“Honey is good, but the number one reason would be that I’m always learning something new,” Cooper said. “For example, their behavior, beehives, marketing trends, and research.”

Cooper keeps his bees spread out around Sumner County.

“(They are located) south, west, and north of Wellington. They are also located south and east of Conway Springs,” he said.