Senior Spotlight

Written by Adaline Pauly, Copy Editor

What are your plans for next year?


Makayla Potts: I plan on working to become a CNA and going to pre-med school.











Veronica James: I plan to be a bank teller for a bit and then get my degree to be a loan officer. 













Dylan Stevens: I plan to go to Pratt Community College and get my associate’s degree in agronomy.













What is your favorite high school memory?


James: Going to Florida for the band trip


Potts: JV tennis with Mr. Regehr 


Stevens: Probably going out for football with Russell my senior year


Advice for next year’s seniors


Potts: Don’t come to school, it’s really not worth it 


James: Make sure you pass all of your classes, and enjoy it while you have it 


Stevens: Just go out for everything and be as involved as possible because you won’t be able to again