Think first, buzz fast


Photo by Faith Stuhlsatz

Senior Lincoln Hilger struggles to solve a complex math problem during a Scholar’s Bowl meet at Belle Plaine. The team’s score was 2-5.

Written by Mya Scott, Editor-in-chief

On Nov. 15, Circle High School held their first annual Scholars Bowl meet, East vs. West. Rather than randomly putting teams into pools, pools were organized by East and West, and then the winner got a traveling trophy to engrave their name and the year in. 

Conway competed for the West but didn’t make it past the pool play. The team seemed to keep a good energy despite not making it very far. 

“We don’t do too well on the meets,” senior Colby Koster said. “We definitely try our best and keep a good energy about it, and we get a few wins here and there. So I think we’re doing pretty good so far.”

With the struggles the team is facing, they have had to think of ways to improve. 

“[I think we should start] studying the questions more and buzzing in if we know the answers,” sophomore Cooper Shobe said. 

There are many different reasons people joined the team. The good energy and the coach keep students coming back. 

“Mrs. Martin bullied me into it, saying I was too cool for it,” junior Alex Hekel said. “Now, I’m here.”