Stuco hosts League event


Photo by Cheyanne Tull

In order to kick off the league’s events, current Stuco president Kara Zoglmann gives a welcoming speech in the auditorium to the schools that were in attendance.

Written by Faith Rivera, Staff Member

This past semester, Stuco has been in charge of many events, from the Back to School Bash to the Winter Semi-Formal. Nov. 16, Conway Springs was the host for this year’s League Stuco event, which had eight different schools in attendance. Within League Stuco, there were three main sessions throughout the day, which Stuco members attended.

“[My favorite session was] the Swap Shop because there were a lot of new, cool ideas that we could bring to school,” junior Haylee Osner said. 

The Swap Shop was a session where members got to switch ideas with one another. There was also an event-planning session, where members from different schools came together and planned multiple different events, and a team-building session where members played games that involved people to keep working together.

“[Something that I learned from this] is that teamwork makes the dreamwork,” sophomore Brooke Beck said. 

Overall, students and advisors said this was a good, enjoyable, and educational event for all the schools that were involved. 

“We received good feedback from the schools that participated,” Stuco sponsor Callie Bartelson said. “I thought several of our members enjoyed the event.”